Scholarship recipient - Jackson McGarvie


At the NZ Institute of Building we want to support the Next Generation of the Building Industry. We know it’s tough to be a student right now and that for many, money is tight. We want to help relieve a little of that stress for one of our Next Gen members. 

We are travelling the country to give students the chance to impress us with their passion and nab a $2,000 NZIOB scholarship. We have asked students studying in the built environment to prepare a ‘shark tank’ style pitch where they talk about their passion, a project, or even just themselves.

The main aim is to show our ‘sharks’ their potential and their passion for the industry. 

Jackson McGarvie presented with Leana Petrie, the pair securing one of the $2,000 scholarships between them at our pitch event at Victoria University of Wellington in Poneke | Wellington on 11 August. 

We asked Jackson a few questions to get to know him better. We look forward to keeping in touch with him and seeing what his future holds. 

Read on to get to know Jackson. 

Name: Jackson McGarvie

Studying: Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Victoria University of Wellington

Work outside study?
Throughout the Uni year while I’m studying I don’t work as I prefer to focus on my studies, however when the Uni year comes to an end I move back to Rotorua where my family lives and work as an intern at Darryl Church Architects for the duration of the summer break.

Tell us about yourself - what were you doing before your studies?

Before beginning studying my Bachelor of Architectural Studies and VUW, I was at Western Heights High School, as I transitioned directly from secondary to tertiary education.

What made you go into your field of study?

I choose a Bachelor of Architectural studies early on at my time at Western Heights High School, through doing subjects like Design and Visual Communication, Materials Technology, Art, Physics and Calculus. I enjoyed most of these classes, especially DVC, and Materials Tech and realised that architecture was the perfect combination of all my interests and passions through secondary school.

Who inspires you and why?

In recent years I’ve learned of how Darryl Church founded is architecture firm in my hometown and that he began the company designing buildings in his shed. I was quite interested to hear how his firm began and it is a story from which young aspiring architects like myself can be inspired from to carry on through our journey to becoming architects.

What do you do in your spare time (if you have any)?

Between studying at University I try to spend my time playing sports and doing physical activities as that’s what I enjoy most. I try to do as much running, mountain biking, and playing golf in my free time as I can throughout my studies.

What do you find interesting/appealing about the building industry?

I was first introduced to the building and architectural industry through many subjects I undertook during my time at Western Heights High School, particularly Design and Visual Communication and Materials Tech. In doing so sparked my interest in the building industry, as I realised that through architecture I could both design and be creative, as well do a job that is very much still hands on. Which is exactly what I find appealing about the building industry, that there is so much versatility and options.

What would you like to see change in the building industry?

Throughout my studies at Victoria University I have been quite interested in sustainable building materials and practices and have tried to implement these ideas within my designs. Thus, as I join the construction industry, I would like to see a growth in sustainable building practices and materials being used.

What kind of role would you love to do in the construction industry? 

In the near future my main goal is complete my masters at the Victoria University of Wellington, and to later become a practising registered architecture within the architectural and construction industry.

What do you plan to do with your scholarship $$?

The scholarship money will greatly assist and be used for my living costs while I’m studying at university.

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