Timber Design Centre launch


Envisioning a future where timber is used more widely in mid to high rise buildings and contributes to carbon-neutral targets, is an exciting opportunity in building design. The tools to make this a reality are now coming together with the launch of the Timber Design Centre. 

Te Uru Rākau – New Zealand Forest Service deputy director general Jason Wilson announced the launch at the WoodWorks conference earlier this month, explaining that the Timber Design Centre aims to increase the use of timber, particularly in structures such as offices, hotels and multi-storey apartments. 

The Centre will provide expert advice, research, information and educational resources for those in building design and construction. The services are being shaped directly by industry and the timberdesigncentre.co.nz website has been created to support this from day one. 

The Centre’s work programme will be co-designed with a wide range of people involved in the building construction process including developers, designers, council planners and consenters, architects, engineers, builders, building owners, students and researchers. 

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