Tall Stories: Mana Ashford & Tess Epton
Podcast posted on 6/6/2024

In this episode of Tall Stories, Sophie Prebble, the Institute’s Marketing and Comms lead sits down with Tess Epton and Mana Ashford. 

Tess is currently studying a Master’s of Architecture at the University of Auckland and has been successful in a range of extracurricular competitions including being on the winning team in ArchEngBuild 2022 and as a finalist in the Institute’s 2023 Next Gen Awards. 

Mana is a NZ Institute National Board member, at the time of recording Mana was the Māori Engagement Manager at MBIE though the future of his unit was in question after the change in government. Since recording his role was disestablished and Mana is heading in a new and exciting career path as a Partnership Manager at I am Hope. 

Their discussion covers a wide range including: 

  • What’s driven them both to get into the construction industry 
  • Changes in the industry over the years 
  • The importance of the industry continuing to become more inclusive
  • Overcoming self-doubt with support from others
  • Tess’s experiences competing at ArchEngBuild
  • Mana’s former life as a professional rugby player
  • Plus, life outside of work and study including golf, yoga and special effects makeup. 

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