Industry Insights - Bronwyn Weir
Webinar posted on 18/4/2024 under Industry Insights

The Institute of Building is committed to a more productive, efficient, valued and fun built-environment. This Industry Insights seminar is to help set you up for that future.

In this webinar series, we'll have a mix of overseas and Aotearoa-based experts, where we will pick their brain on insights they'll share from a lifetime in the industry. This will be a deep-dive conversation, as well as an interactive experience for attendees, who can participate by asking questions live as we go.


In this webinar Bronwyn Weir, spoke with Institute CE Pamela Bell touching on the following topics:


1. The Building Confidence Report 

Including discussion on: 

  • Bronwyn co-authored the report published in 2018 – it’s been 6 years since it was published and it’s still being actively used and referenced by policy makers. Why is it still so influential?
  • How it might related to NZ’s building act?

2. Government regulation versus Industry leadership 

Including discussion on: 

  • While it might be ideal for government to hand down the rules industry bodies have an important role to play.
  • Industry organisations can set high standards for their members to keep a high level of professionalism.
  • The work being done by David Chandler OAM who spoke at BuildUP24 and his boots on the ground approach, calling out bad behaviour by naming and shaming. 

3. Quality built outcomes and the relationship to ownership

Including discussion on: 

  • iCIRT – they are currently the sole provider to assess building professionals – what’s the risk in this?
  • Decennial Liability Insurance - how it's being used and how it might become more common.

4. Role of Project Manager 

Including discussion on: 

  • The current lack of regulations or registration for Project Managers.
  • Lack of accountability – needs to be a framework based on ethical responsibilities and principles.
  • The variety of the role makes it difficult to nail down and define.
  • The NZ Institute of Building is currently working with PMINZ on a scope of services document for project managers. 

5. What can industry do?  

Including discussion on: 

  • Industry organisations need to set high standards and not accept bad behaviour among their members.
  • Focus on integrity, competency and consumer outcomes.
  • Social media as a tool to hold people to account, shine a light on work being done and gather feedback.


Bronwyn Weir; Managing Director of Weir Legal & Consulting –

Bronwyn specialises in advising governments as regulators. Her expertise spans all areas of regulatory law including advising on complaints, prosecutions, investigative powers, notices or orders, registration/licensing and administrative law. Bronwyn is frequently engaged to conduct reviews and to assist clients to develop risk based regulatory decision making frameworks, policies and procedures.  In 2017 Bronwyn co-authored the Building Confidence Report with Professor Peter Shergold which remains an influential report in policy development for the building industry. In addition to being known for expertise in building regulation , Bronwyn advises regulators in sectors including education, health, water and climate law. Bronwyn acts for all levels of government and whilst based in Victoria frequently advises governments across Australia.

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