Light Lunch Webinar: Jason Howden and Chris Mawson
Webinar posted on 1/5/2024 under Light Lunch

Light Lunch webinars are a convenient way for you to get to know the people behind those projects and hard hats.

In this Light Lunch Jason Howden and Chris Mawson from Revizto discuss innovation and emerging technologies in the construction industry. 

Key takeaways from this Light Lunch (Jason and Chris' words of wisdom):

  • Climate change and how to transfer knowledge across generations are top concerns. Capturing experienced workers' knowledge digitally before they retire is critical.
  • AI and AR can provide insights, streamline processes, and upskill new workers. Rivizto integrates these technologies into their platform to move the industry forward.
  • Construction is a major contributor to climate change. AI analysis integrated with Rivizto's data could help the industry to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Mobile solutions like Rivizto's site app bring value by visualizing builds and providing on-site information. Wider adoption would improve on-site processes.
  • Jason and Chris advice for the next generation is to stay curious, be passionate, and travel to gain diverse experience and perspectives. An open mindset is key to innovation.

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