Industry Insights - Design considerations for non-structural elements
Webinar posted on 30/5/2024

In this Industry Insights Mike Dutton from Comfortech provides an overview of important design considerations and best practices for non-structural building elements like ceilings and partitions.

A few key points from Mike:

  • Careful consideration of factors like building codes, seismic requirements, acoustics, coordination with services, and manufacturer recommendations during design can optimize non-structural elements to meet project requirements safely and economically.
  • Early engagement between all parties (architects, engineers, contractors, etc.) is critical for identifying and resolving potential issues with non-structural elements before construction.
  • Ceiling and wall types have different pros and cons related to acoustics, cost, construction speed, etc. that should factor into selection.
  • Free resources like seismic estimators, standard tables, and engineering services are available to assist with proper design of non-structural elements.

Watch the full presentation below. 

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