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Webinar posted on 20/6/2024 under Industry Insights

The construction industry is currently in a time of flux with residential consents continuing to fall, inflation and interest rates coming off the boil, construction cost inflation coming down and government changes.

The Institute’s industry leaders got together to discuss the current state of the construction industry in Aotearoa.

They discuss the cyclical nature of the industry, how the current situation is affecting different areas, and how we can prepare for the future to ‘survive to 25’.

Key takeaways from their discussion:

  • The government has ambitious infrastructure plans which indicate long-term optimism, despite current challenges. Focus on upskilling during downturns.
  • Be proactive in seeking opportunities, flexible with employers, and open to pivoting roles. Leverage networks and contacts.
  • Use marketing strategies to strengthen customer loyalty. Highlight efficiencies and value propositions.
    Approach career changes positively as chances to reinvent. Transferable skills apply across industries.
  • Perspective is key. Stay grounded and remember what's important long-term during difficult transitions.
  • Seek support and offer support to others – the industry has been through tough times in the future and we will get through this.


  • John Hemi – Director of Construction Productivity at Te Waihanga | Institute National Board Chair
  • Craig Hopkins – Chief Executive of Generation Homes | Institute Board Member and Northern Region Committee Chair
  • Kirsten Magnusson - Strategic Marketing Director at Magnusson & Co | Institute National Board Deputy Chair
  • Graeme Earl - Director at Naylor Love Canterbury | Institute Board Member and Southern Region Committee member
  • Jared Glue - Project Director RCP | Southern Region Committee member and Dunedin Branch Chair

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