Industry Insights - Effective Leadership & People Management
Webinar posted on 4/7/2024 under Industry Insights

In this Industry Insights webinar Andrea Lawton, GM at Human Resources at CARTERS and Uli Johnston Organisational Culture and Development Professional at The Building Intelligence Group offered their expert knowledge on effective leadership and people management.

They discuss leadership in the building and construction industry, focusing on the differences between management and leadership, challenges leaders face, developing leadership skills, and providing effective feedback.

Key takeaways: 

  • Management focuses on compliance, processes, and efficiency while leadership focuses on commitment, people, culture, and aligning goals. Good leaders do both.
  • Unique leadership challenges in construction include uncertain project pipelines and extensive health and safety responsibilities. Focus on what you can control.
  • Develop leadership skills by leading yourself first, then demonstrate your readiness through coaching others. Ask questions rather than provide answers.
  • Give effective feedback using the STAR method - be specific about the situation, action taken, and result. Also actively seek feedback as a leader.

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Watch the webinar below and if you are interested to learn more take a look at our Building Legends workshops on People Management coming up in September which also feature Uli Johnston.

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