Welcome to our new Members


The NZIOB welcomes its newest members, who had their memberships ratified by the NZIOB National Board on 28 March. A warm welcome to you all and we look forward to connecting with you at an upcoming NZIOB event. 

Northern Region

Blake Ingram (Member)
Casparus Coetzee (Member)
James Comery (Associate)
Shaheen Khan (Member)
Chinthaka Atapattu (Member)
Mohamed Elkharboutly (Member)
Ben Tomason (upgrade from Associate to Member)
Antionette Langdon (upgrade from Student to Graduate)
Rachael Soakell (Member)
Charles Brown (Member) 

Central Region

Logan McLennan (Member) 

Southern Region

Jaden Scott (Member)
Alice Harcourt (Member) 

NZIOB members have opportunities to make professional contacts, advance their careers and business, gain knowledge at exclusive events, and help shape the industry. Through the NZIOB they will meet up with professionals from across the entire property and construction sectors, not just people who work in their field. Getting together with those from other disciplines helps members build their knowledge, develop important professional and business contacts, and gain a wider understanding of the industry, beyond the part they work in. 

If you know of someone interested in joining the NZIOB, direct them to the Membership page on the NZIOB website or they can email our Membership Officer.

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