Work should not hurt


Everybody knows a builder with a sore back, injured shoulder, or crook knee, and many accept that pain and injury is just part of the job. It's time to change the norm - work should not hurt.

The Work Should Not Hurt initiative by Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) aims to ensure tradespeople enjoy long, pain-free careers and retire when they want to and not when forced to due to injury.

Mahi ate-mahi-Engari, te mamae e!
Get your work done but don’t hurt yourself

Check out the 1 News story about the programme here.

Work Should Not Hurt has resources providing practical tips to show people that, by making simple changes to the way they work and how they handle their tools and materials, they can significantly reduce their chances of injury.

These resources are free and available 24/7. To find out more – click here.

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