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Building our Digital Community Conference 2023
23 March 2023 Te Papa, Wellington
$675+GST Members | $975 +GST Non-Members
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Believe well. Because beliefs become thoughts, thoughts become actions, and actions create change. Be recognised for values that matter, and connect with those in the industry that live by and thrive on delivering such values. Join the NZIOB community.

Our members are the 'round pegs in a square hole', the mavericks and the misfits. NZIOB want the mavericks to achieve something nobler than simple rebellion. And we want to raise our glasses to the brave ones, who others deem crazy, but where we see genius. The ones who see things differently, make change, push forward and carry their mana where others don't venture. These mavericks and misfits find a community of fellow noble rebels within NZIOB.

Unlike other membership organisations, the NZ Institute of Building is for individuals - not companies. This means you join a community of other independently impassioned folk who are thriving and growing their futures -- and you do it together. 

We have a whole raft of great member benefits to enjoy and we'd love for you join our member whanau. Check out our benefits below. 


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Free Next Gen Membership

All the benefits with none of the cost! Setup your career journey with the best industry connections across the construction sector. 

As the next generation of construction industry professionals, you’ll be able to connect with expert practitioners, from managers to construction business owners. You'll also get to attend; exclusive site visits, level-up at CPD workshops, and mix n mingle at social events - plus a whole lot more taonga .

Students, apply for your Next Gen membership today.

Get uber connected

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi - We will get ahead when we co-operate and combine resources.

Our strength is your strength. The NZ Institute of Building proudly has an incredible broad pan-industry member whanau, that stretches across the entire property and construction sectors.

We promise that connecting, collaborating and co-operating with those from other disciplines will help you build your knowledge, develop important expert contacts - plus it gives you a wider understanding of the industry and beyond.

Make connections, make impressions, make your mark and open up your career opportunities.

Awards, seminars, conferences, CPD, site visits and socials galore

Our leading construction events are praised by many, thanks to our quality in delivery and relevance.

Throughout the year, you'll gain invaluable knowledge, insights and CPD points from industry experts at our exclusive seminars, site visits and conferences. Catch up with colleagues and make new friends at our famously crowd-pleasing social events, plus get decked out attending our celebrational awards nights.

Wellbeing app access

We're stoked to be able to freely provide to our valued member whanau access to an online wellbeing platform called Clearhead.  A tool to help our members build skills and knowledge to improve their wellbeing. Whether it's to reduce stress, handle anxiety, sleep better, or support loved ones. 

To find out more about Clearhead and how to login in, click here.

Member discounts, exclusivity and priority

NZIOB members receive some whopping incentives -- cos we think they should. 

  • Get invited to attend some exciting exclusive member-only events.
  • Receive up to 50% off some must-attend NZ Institute Of Building events.
  • Members get notifitied FIRST of any upcoming events.
  • Get given priority to register for NZ Institute Of Building events.
  • Free access to watch some of our live digital content!


We give you a platform to enable you to share your ideas, thoughts and voice, which will help develop, create a difference and contribute to the future of construction.

You'll be able to add to the richness of sharing your expertise through our well followed and attended media and event channels. You could also feature on our Newsletter, Light Lunch series and Tall Stories podcast!

Free industry magazines

Never pay for your BRANZ Build or RMBA Building Today magazines again!

You can have your free hard-copy versions delivered to your door - now that's boss material.

Apply for scholarships

We proudly offer significant scholarships through our NZIOB Charitable Education Trust.

Scholarships are available to people with an outstanding research or innovation proposal that leads to improvement of the construction industry.

Visit the NZIOB Charitable Education Trust website to find out more.

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